First real post…an explanation

Ok, since this is the first real, non-test post I’m doing here, I thought I’d offer up a little information on what this is and why it’s here.

For the longest time, I’ve been using as my main identity on the web. I’ve had the email address there for years with no real consequences good or bad. I’ve just kind of existed. Everything I did was hosted there from my personal mixes to my resume and portfolio. I never separated work and personal. Every project was lumped into Break of Dawn. I’ve used it to manage a group of DJs, do freelance print and web design (often all in the same time period)…essentially it branded me as a whole.

I’m not sure I want to organize myself like that any more. As I get older, I realize that cramming it all together is probably not the best practice. I don’t want to have people I meet in a professional setting extrapolate from my email address my one and only place on the web and see all the personal things I have going on. It just leaves an odd taste in my mouth.

I used to have a show on USC’s student-run radio station KSCR for six years called Elastic Wax. I always liked the name, it seemed to fit me and the show well. My musical interests stretched across a multitude of genres yet was always rooted in the crates of vinyl I owned. After a year of thinking how to go about separating my personal and professional interests, I came back to that theme and registered the site you are reading now.

This site will not revolve around any one idea other than that it’s my own personal mental dumping ground. I’ll post any DJ mixes I do as well as link to other sites I find interesting. Posting will hover somewhere between frequent and infrequent, it’s too early to tell if I will fall into a rhythm or fall out of touch completely. Thankfully, you can use that fancy little RSS button at the bottom of the page to keep current.

My other site is going through a pretty thorough redesign and will be up within the next month (as busy as June is) rebranded as my professional (ha!) alter ego.