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New portfolio site


I just finished the new For a while, I’ve been meaning to physically separate my professional and personal sites. I had just been using Break of Dawn for everything. Recently, I started Elastic Wax in order to lay the groundwork for the split. But ever since, I had completely neglected the Break of Dawn domain, instead pouring all my free time into this blog.

But, as of 30 minutes ago, I have completed Break of Dawn, which is now my portfolio site. There are still a couple links that don’t go anywhere and the work I have up isn’t all that recent. I will be filling it all in as time goes on. The important part is that the site is now live and ready to be viewed by the masses.

My email address is staying the same, so there is no need to update.

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How did I not know about this?


I’ve been reluctant to say that I am a complete dork when it comes to typography. I can spend hours looking through font specimen books for no reason other than just to gawk. Subtle differences between similar fonts pass most people by, but to me, it’s the difference between good design and hasty choices. So when it comes to events in Los Angeles that showcase interesting type related design, it immediately goes in my calendar. Which makes me mad that I completely missed John Downer at ReserveLA last night.

The blame for this falls squarely on me. I’m just over a week behind on my blog reading, and that can really add up. After a day, I usually have somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 unread posts. So when I ran across this post on Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ blog, I knew I had missed something important.

John Downer started his career as a freelance type designer in 1983 and is a master sign painter by trade. The Propagandist has a slideshow here of his work. It’s a great read if you enjoy design and typography. You can also see the line of shirts John designed for Freshjive on slides 1 and 25.

I don’t know if the exhibit is still up, or if it was a one night thing. I’ll update as soon as I know.


Mixtape Madness: Lara Croft – Generic Sampler Mix

I don’t really know if this will be of interest to anyone else, but I came across my old pile of mixtapes and found some things that I’m happy I was able to come to own. I’ll be digitizing and putting them up over the next couple weeks in bits and pieces. Some are full mixes, and some are samplers (like the one below). I’ve got a good one from Jason Blakemore coming, a couple Andrew Clyne mixes, one from Friar Tuck, and one from Giant Octamarc, back when he was known as DJ Riff Raff and spun nothing but jump up. I’ll also post the rest of the Generic Sampler with mixes from JBondy, The Fisherman, and Three T. Good stuff.

This mix comes courtesy of the Generic Management Sampler tapes, Side 4. Lara Croft, aka Max Alert, is one of my good friends. Not sure what he’s going to say when he sees I put this up. Hell, I don’t even know if he has a copy of this.

The mix is hardcore and drum & bass. Can someone help me put a year on this? I know it’s probably mid to late 90s.

If you can’t see the flash player above, you can download the mix here.

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Midsummer Nights – New Gig Info


This is an important update to the previous post.

I am DJing August 7th at an event called Midsummer Nights. There is a band, but don’t fool yourself, this is a straight up dance party and the heat will be brought. We switched venues to one that is much more reliable and relatively unknown. If you have been to Cirque Berzerk, you already know the area. If you haven’t, then lucky you! Go see Cirque Berzerk’s 8:30pm show on August 7th, then show us your ticket and you’ll get in for only $5, you don’t even have to drive to the venue! Walking Distance! Easy! Map and details are after the jump.

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*Updated* Gig Alert! August 7, 2009

This post is no longer relevant, please see this one for new details.


Blog issues…

Update: I have narrowed it down to a theme problem, I have switched themes for now so all the posts actually show up.


I seem to be running into a problem with my WordPress install.

You may notice that Elastic Wax isn’t loading fully anymore. In my haste to get this site to successfully pass as a functioning, reputable blog, I made some programming errors that I am trying to fix…if only I can find them. I’m trying to figure out what I did to cause fatal errors to continually pop up in my error log. This problem will hopefully be fixed shortly.

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Industrial Printing

Finally took a visit to our service bureau today. I love the smell and sound of old printing presses. I think they are in the beginning stages of a plant overhaul, I will miss these old machines.

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Recent New York trip and photos

Memorial Day 2009 found me in New York City visiting two of my very close friends. Weather was nice and overcast most of the time. See photos below.


Blog coming down for a bit

UPDATE: Back up now…finally.

I’m performing some much needed upgrades on Site will be down for a bit while I do it. Should be up again shortly. for a couple days months?

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Fatal accident on 10-E in Los Angeles

From SigAlert:

10 East Before National Blvd Possible Fatality 5:00 AM

  • Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 632, Grid 7D
  • Silver Honda Civic in 1 Lane Going West 5:00 AM
  • Vehicle Traffic Collision D Possible on Fire 5:01 AM
  • Reporting Party Has Visual Vehicle Tcd Head on Just East of 405 5:01 AM
  • Vehicle now on Fire 5:02 AM
  • Vehicle on Fire-Just West of National 5:03 AM