Clean bill of health

Yeah, so even though I thought I was going into cardiac arrest (heavy weight in my chest, shortness of breath, etc.) at work yesterday, I’m completely healthy. My boss drove me to the ER at Good Samaritan around 2:30pm yesterday. Note: if you go to the ER, mention chest pain…you’ll get pulled in ahead of the gunshot and stabbing victims.

Two EKGs, an echocardiogram, 2 bags of sodium chloride in an IV drip, 2 horsepills of potassium, a full blood panel, chest xray and a whole lot of oxygen later and they deem me to be in completely perfect health. Go figure. They don’t know what it was exactly, but they ruled out anything cardiac. Possible causes are stress, indigestion (oh god, please don’t have let me go to the hospital for heart burn…totally weak sauce), or stress…they really think it’s stress.

So yeah, if anyone was worried, I’m ok. Totally and completely.


Caladan X

That was…incredible. No, absolutely, ridiculously incredible. There were so many people I haven’t seen in ages. A good point was brought up, that with all the changing of gear (CDJs, turntables, laptops, laptops, laptops) there were no problems at all…well, except for the short in the left channel during Nattie’s set, but that can be fixed in post 🙂

I’ve posted my set from the night in the mixes section, tracklist is coming.