Mixtape Madness: Lara Croft – Generic Sampler Mix

I don’t really know if this will be of interest to anyone else, but I came across my old pile of mixtapes and found some things that I’m happy I was able to come to own. I’ll be digitizing and putting them up over the next couple weeks in bits and pieces. Some are full mixes, and some are samplers (like the one below). I’ve got a good one from Jason Blakemore coming, a couple Andrew Clyne mixes, one from Friar Tuck, and one from Giant Octamarc, back when he was known as DJ Riff Raff and spun nothing but jump up. I’ll also post the rest of the Generic Sampler with mixes from JBondy, The Fisherman, and Three T. Good stuff.

This mix comes courtesy of the Generic Management Sampler tapes, Side 4. Lara Croft, aka Max Alert, is one of my good friends. Not sure what he’s going to say when he sees I put this up. Hell, I don’t even know if he has a copy of this.

The mix is hardcore and drum & bass. Can someone help me put a year on this? I know it’s probably mid to late 90s.

If you can’t see the flash player above, you can download the mix here.