The autotune abomination

Apparently, the new thing in hip hop is excessive use of autotune, also known as the Cher effect. KanYe West, TI, Lil’ Wayne and countless others have found out the wonders of the digital audio effect that was originally meant to correct shaky vocalists trying to make somewhat respectable careers.

Autotune works best when used properly. I don’t mean using it to fix a singer’s performance on an off night, or even to make the public believe that said artist can actually sing. No, I mean, it has to be used properly.

I hereby submit to you the best use of autotune I have ever seenheard: Roger Riley and Teddy Troutman’s Death of Autotune. 12 completely overly blown out, autotuneified remakes of your favorite hip hop tracks. Awesome.

Click to download zip file of 320kbps mp3s
Via rappersiknow