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Los Angeles needs more scenery.

Living in Los Angeles has its advantages, but nature certainly isn’t one of them. I took this picture leaving Lake Tahoe after my 10 year High School reunion and realized that there aren’t many places I can go to just get away for the day. Don’t get me wrong, the smog in LA does lend itself to some amazing sunsets and moments that make you get lost in your thoughts from time to time, but the toss up is that you don’t get the clear skies, the billowy clouds and the wide expanses of…nothing. I know that last statement sounds completely obvious, but I haven’t really made a point of noticing it since I started living in Southern California.

Anyway, sappy musings aside, the picture presented itself as I was sitting at a stop sign and I thought it was a halfway decent picture. Click to see it on Flickr where you can get a bigger version.

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Recent New York trip and photos

Memorial Day 2009 found me in New York City visiting two of my very close friends. Weather was nice and overcast most of the time. See photos below.

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A debt by any other name

So I broke down and bought a Canon EOS 40D. I’m really pleased with it so far, and I’ll tell you why. I don’t have a CF card for it yet, so I’m not yet pleased with the photo quality. No, I’m pleased because I bought it from Amazon yesterday at 3:30pm and with one-day shipping using Amazon Prime, it showed up at my office at 9:30am this morning. That is what I call service, and it wasn’t smashed to shit like the two french presses I ordered.

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