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Midsummer Nights – New Gig Info


This is an important update to the previous post.

I am DJing August 7th at an event called Midsummer Nights. There is a band, but don’t fool yourself, this is a straight up dance party and the heat will be brought. We switched venues to one that is much more reliable and relatively unknown. If you have been to Cirque Berzerk, you already know the area. If you haven’t, then lucky you! Go see Cirque Berzerk’s 8:30pm show on August 7th, then show us your ticket and you’ll get in for only $5, you don’t even have to drive to the venue! Walking Distance! Easy! Map and details are after the jump.

General Gigs Los Angeles Music

*Updated* Gig Alert! August 7, 2009

This post is no longer relevant, please see this one for new details.

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Los Angeles needs more scenery.

Living in Los Angeles has its advantages, but nature certainly isn’t one of them. I took this picture leaving Lake Tahoe after my 10 year High School reunion and realized that there aren’t many places I can go to just get away for the day. Don’t get me wrong, the smog in LA does lend itself to some amazing sunsets and moments that make you get lost in your thoughts from time to time, but the toss up is that you don’t get the clear skies, the billowy clouds and the wide expanses of…nothing. I know that last statement sounds completely obvious, but I haven’t really made a point of noticing it since I started living in Southern California.

Anyway, sappy musings aside, the picture presented itself as I was sitting at a stop sign and I thought it was a halfway decent picture. Click to see it on Flickr where you can get a bigger version.


Blog issues…

Update: I have narrowed it down to a theme problem, I have switched themes for now so all the posts actually show up.


I seem to be running into a problem with my WordPress install.

You may notice that Elastic Wax isn’t loading fully anymore. In my haste to get this site to successfully pass as a functioning, reputable blog, I made some programming errors that I am trying to fix…if only I can find them. I’m trying to figure out what I did to cause fatal errors to continually pop up in my error log. This problem will hopefully be fixed shortly.

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Industrial Printing

Finally took a visit to our service bureau today. I love the smell and sound of old printing presses. I think they are in the beginning stages of a plant overhaul, I will miss these old machines.

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Recent New York trip and photos

Memorial Day 2009 found me in New York City visiting two of my very close friends. Weather was nice and overcast most of the time. See photos below.


Blog coming down for a bit

UPDATE: Back up now…finally.

I’m performing some much needed upgrades on Site will be down for a bit while I do it. Should be up again shortly. for a couple days months?

Feast or Famine

Feast or Famine: Animal

I’m going to start posting my epicurean exploits here, both as a way to remember the good and the bad dining experiences I have as well as to serve as a guide for others who enjoy splurging occasionally and going to a great meal. Most of the restaurants will be from LA, often thought of as having fewer quality restaurants than say New York, Chicago, San Francisco, or even Vegas. But in my experience, there are many amazing restaurants here in the southern part of the west coast. You’ll no doubt see a bunch of the restaurants I go to reviewed by my food nemesis Jonathan Gold of the LA Weekly (more on that in another post), but here goes.

This post is dedicated to one of the restaurants in LA with the biggest buzz at the moment. And given the frequency in which restaurants open and close here, it thrills me that it’s doing so well. Animal on Fairfax has to be one of my favorite restaurants right now. If for no other reason than I couldn’t go a day in my life without eating some form of meat. As you can probably infer from the name, Animal does one thing and does it well.

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Fatal accident on 10-E in Los Angeles

From SigAlert:

10 East Before National Blvd Possible Fatality 5:00 AM

  • Thomas Guide Map Coordinates: Page 632, Grid 7D
  • Silver Honda Civic in 1 Lane Going West 5:00 AM
  • Vehicle Traffic Collision D Possible on Fire 5:01 AM
  • Reporting Party Has Visual Vehicle Tcd Head on Just East of 405 5:01 AM
  • Vehicle now on Fire 5:02 AM
  • Vehicle on Fire-Just West of National 5:03 AM

The autotune abomination

Apparently, the new thing in hip hop is excessive use of autotune, also known as the Cher effect. KanYe West, TI, Lil’ Wayne and countless others have found out the wonders of the digital audio effect that was originally meant to correct shaky vocalists trying to make somewhat respectable careers.

Autotune works best when used properly. I don’t mean using it to fix a singer’s performance on an off night, or even to make the public believe that said artist can actually sing. No, I mean, it has to be used properly.

I hereby submit to you the best use of autotune I have ever seenheard: Roger Riley and Teddy Troutman’s Death of Autotune. 12 completely overly blown out, autotuneified remakes of your favorite hip hop tracks. Awesome.

Click to download zip file of 320kbps mp3s
Via rappersiknow